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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Magnetic screens at the Motor City Nightmares Film Festival on April 25, 2015 - Novi, MI

April 25th 12 PM - Kensington Room
Novi, Michigan
(we are unfortunately unable to attend, but hope you will)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

REVIEW: ALL THINGS HORROR: BUFF17: MAGNETIC Offers Smart, Contemplative Sci-Fi...

ALL THINGS HORROR: BUFF17: MAGNETIC Offers Smart, Contemplative Sci-F...:

"Magnetic furthers a trend found in the couple's previous film Ten. The directors' interest do not lie in telling traditional narratives that spell out what is going on from point A to B to C until top off in a neat bow at the story's conclusion. The duo throw a lot of concepts on screen and they aren't afraid to blend genres or make heavy use of metaphor in order to push their themes forward. They're intelligent artists making films for an intelligent audience and they have faith that viewers can pick up what they're putting down."

Read the review,,,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Testing the Audio-Technica System 10 for Performer Magazine!

I was lucky enough to win a couple of Audio-Technica microphone systems from Performer.

Here is the final summary article I wrote for Performer Here was my original exploration of the microphones: And I finally got to opening them up and giving them a go.

I do a lot of film and audio work, but recording video with accompanying decent audio is always a bit of a tedious setup (usually, I have to post-sync everything), so the System 10  microphone with its boot-mount receiver looked like a neat solution for really fast turnaround video.

For Bring Us Your Women, we are currently trying to record brief interviews with many of the artists involved in the project and turn them around quickly to add to the web site and promote our upcoming release show.

So, last night at rehearsal, without any real testing, we just popped the microphone system onto the camera (Canon Rebel T4i) and gave it a go for recording these quick and dirty interviews. Even though it was recorded in quite a noisy practice space (HVAC noise mostly), the auto-gain control on the camera and the microphone worked quite well together to get some good audio.

This was the completely "dummy" test of it. I didn't change any settings - just turned it on and plugged it in using only components that came with the microphone system. I'll continue to post some updates about using the system and my experience with it for the next few weeks leading up to the show as well!

Here are some photos of the me monitoring using earbuds as we wire up Catherine for her interview.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sophia and Michael reveal all of their secrets about TEN and Magnetic on The Film Thrills Podcast - listen now!

Subscribe and check out The Film Thrills Podcast on iTunes or The Film Thrills Libsyn Page. Be sure to also like The Film Thrills Podcast on Facebook and leave them a review on iTunes or Libsyn!

Download our episode at one of the above links or using this direct link.

We really enjoyed chatting with Mike Snoonian of All Things Horror and revealing all of our secrets about TEN and Magnetic.

(Last year, we also did a fun written interview about TEN for All Things Horror.)

Husband and Wife team Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola are longtime fixtures of the Boston art and music communities. Playing together in diverse projects Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, Space Balloons, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, and Darling Pet Munkee, the pair always look for new creative challenges lest the fear of stagnation set in.

After directing a number of music video projects and short films, the partners turned their attention to TEN, unique lulls audiences in with the appearance of a standard slasher film before pulling the rug out and defying easy categorization. With a comprised completely of women, including a number of stalwarts in the local burlesque and performance art community, and taking full advantage of its location shoot at a sprawling, gothic mansion, TEN offers a unique experience for the adventurous viewer. The film makes its DVD and VOD release April 21st.

The pair followed up their feature debut with MAGNETIC, which makes its world premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival this Sunday March 29th at the Brattle Theatre. Set in a post apocalyptic future, it focuses on a lonely woman with the Herculean and depressing task of informing families their loved ones are no longer. While it sounds simple on the surface, the duo promise a post modern experience where music and mood are instrumental to one's appreciation of the film.

Michael and Sophia joined Mike to discuss how they broke in to filmmaking from music, the allure of pushing boundaries and telling nonconformist stories, and the benefits of making art with the person you love.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

MAGNETIC electro soundrack by Night Kisses

 The Magnetic original score and soundtrack by Night Kisses is out!

 Night Kisses is an ad-hoc project, created to score and supplement the music of the film. The band, comprised of Catherine Capozzi (Axemunkee), directors Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, and the film’s star, Allix Mortis, created 20 tracks ranging from the John Carpenteresque, “It’s Different This Time” to the dream-pop, “DARK2LIGHT.” The soundtrack is available for streaming and downloading at:

 The film also contains music from Freezepop ("Doppelgänger" and "House of Mirrors"), André Obin ("Monochrome"), Stereo Telescope ("Geography"), Ejecta (now Young Ejecta - "Afraid of the Dark"), Scavenger Hunt ("Dreamers"), The Emperor Machine ("The TV Extra Band"), and Timecop1983 ("Waves"). Those tracks have been included below for streaming on the systems they are available on, and are available through the bands directly.

Friday, March 20, 2015

MAGNETIC world premiere at the Boston Underground Film Festival 3/29 12 PM

We had a grand world premiere of Magnetic at The Boston Underground Film Festival

3/29/15 at 12 PM at The Brattle Theatre.
We're also excited that films we helped out on in some capacity are also showing at BUFF. Check out the Homegrown Horror shorts program featuring One and Penta! ...and Postpartum playing with the feature Excess Flesh!

Do you believe in consciousness? For the past year plus, we have given almost all of our creative energy to making Magnetic, a weirdo sci-fi movie about the arbitrary valuation of (true or illusory) existence and consciousness over non-existence - and other meaningless dichotomies...It's also about multiverses, the different paths our lives could take with just small changes in circumstance, Alice in Wonderland, and synth pop. 

From the BUFF writeup:
You’re more than likely to glean something vastly different than the person next to you throughout this locally-harvested, analog sci-fi romp towards self-discovery. Or the discovery of selves. Or something. Musicians-cum-filmmakers Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein have created a tale just as ambitious and beautiful as it is perplexing and infuriating. Stuck somewhere between end-of-the-world verisimilitude and ambiguity,Magnetic will draw you in—but you may never quite be sure just how or why.

Alice (Allix Mortis), a Lisbeth Salander-ish heroine, flees New York City for a frozen rural homestead where the sheep are plenty. She has a terribly shitty job where she calls the town’s parents to let them know their child is dead and from which morgue they can retrieve the bodies. She is also the only person who still has the power to dream.

There are also several Alices, many closeup shots of Alice’s eye, a Tesla coil, and an all-female sect of Ra worshippers who share the sartorial sensibilities of another cult with an Egyptian-sounding name.

A lot going on, perhaps, but just let the film do it’s thing. Much ofMagnetic operates as an extended music video, each full track lamenting confusion, loneliness, and ennui in a way dialogue cannot. The [f**king phenomenal] throwback electro soundtrack is the emotional core of the film, admitting what Alice refuses to feel. It is both her foil and her truth.

Magnetic is a love letter to our need for purpose and belonging, to the circuitry that binds us to ourselves and others—and to rotary phones, cassette tapes, and the sound of sweet, sweet synthpop. But you’ll probably think it was about something else entirely.
– Melinda Green

Trailers of all of the BUFF features!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sophia and Michael talked movies and music 3/12 on The Lotuscast

Sophia and Michael were on the The Lotuscast 3/12 talking about movies (TEN and Magnetic), music, all kinds of nonsense, and our Reptilian overlords.

The Lotuscast brings you a mash-up of daily headlines, entertainment news, personal issues and the occasional interview. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to hear us live or subscribe on iTunes! Download the Tunein app on your mobile device, search Radio Fubar, and listen live! Thursday's at 9 PM EST"

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sophia stars in Aloud's music video for "A Little Bit Low"

An LP and black coffee start the day off for these women. They could be roommates, they could be sisters, they could even be the same person — yet they could not be further apart. Aloud’s music video for the explosive “A Little Bit Low” takes a glance at how a song can lift one’s spirit while bringing the other down.

Aloud's “A Little Bit Low” stars Sophia Cacciola and Alejandra Villegas-Faucher. The video was filmed in Malden, Massachusetts, by producer Phil Healy and cinematographer Adam Van Voorhis.

See Sophia fry an egg for the first and last time ever!

and check out the visual call-out to the novelization of TEN movie!

MAGNETIC Poster Art by Craig Maher

Final film poster with text - hi-res available on our web site

We're very excited to share some awesome artwork created for Magnetic by Craig Maher. We had previously worked with Craig on The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library's Art-Music Exchange, for which he created an illustration of "Amylee" and we wrote a song about his work, "Brood."

We thought he would be the perfect artist to help capture some of the retro 60s-80s sci-fi feel we were going for with Magnetic. First, here's the awesome final piece! It's a sort of visual collage of film elements with a wonderful semi-realist sort of look.

Illustration © 2014, Craig Maher
You might the heck did we arrive at this thing? 

First, we sent Craig a series of reference posters showing the look and feel of what we were going for and asked if he might be interested in this are a few of those (created by, and copyright their respective creators and owners):

Once Craig replied with, "You had me at French He-Man poster," we knew we had the right guy!

He went right off to work and we went through many iterations of ideas, sketches, and concepts. Here is a sort of visual history of that process! We looked at several possible concepts before honing in on the composition and ideas that ended up in the final artwork: 

And once again, the final art:

Illustration © 2014, Craig Maher

Friday, March 6, 2015

TEN Movie at Jennifer's Bodies festival in Scotland 3/7!

TEN is closing out its festival run with a splash! 

Facebook Event
Full Line-up

"Jennifer’s Bodies is a roving annual festival of female-helmed horror movies and part of Women In Horror Recognition Month, an international assortment of affiliated events organised partly to highlight just how much women can and do contribute to the genre outwith the typically accepted factors of tits, ass and mezzosoprano screaming." Starburst Magazine

“The event was hosted by Jennifer Cooper, a genre fanatic and tireless promoter of indie horror. Opinionated, verbose and engaging, she has the all the nerdy enthusiasm of Felicia Day, the encyclopaedic knowledge of Quentin Tarantino, the effortless charisma of Jennifer Lawrence and the warped humour of Eli Roth. Or to put it another way, she’s basically an amalgamation of Jen and Sylvia Soska. She also possesses an amazing ability to link anyone and everything to The X-Files along with an unabashed fixation with Jeremy Renner, both of which were frequently demonstrated.”

This year’s event has bled into March after an opportunity for an extra special guest arose. That guest is burlesque performer, actress and model, American Mary’s Tristan Risk. One of horror’s brightest stars; Tristan will be over here in Scotland to start pre-production on Glasgow boy Andy Stewart’s latest film Redacted. Redacted shall also star Tristan’s Call Girl co-star, The Human Centipede’s Laurence R. Harvey

Short Films include -

Jill Sixx Gevargizian’s Call Girl introduced by Tristan Risk
Gigi Saul Guerrero’s El Gigante - based on Shane McKenzie’s graphic novel Muerte Con Carne
Lori Bowen and Shannon Lark’s I Am Monster
Chelsey Burdon and Mark Vessey’s SHE
Patricia Chicca Double Feature with Serpent’s Lullaby and Ceramic Tango
Izzy Lee’s Post Partum
Manny and Lindsay Serano's M is for Mastectomy
Hannah Neurotica's Letting - A Short Film
Lynn Hansen's Chomp
Melanie Light's The Herd
Jeremiah Kipp and Lauren Rayner's The Minions
And a special sneak peek at Jose Pedro Lopses and Ana Almeida's The Forest of the Lost Souls

Feature Films include -

Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein’s TEN
Maude Michaud’s DYS
Kelsey Zukowski’s Within these Walls
Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best's Razor



The festival is also asking people in the UK to SIGN this petition asking the UK government to make compulsory retirement of lab Beagles the LAW!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sophia and Michael sing on Bring Us Your Women album - hear it now! Released 2/27 at Oberon!

Sophia and Michael are featured on the new Bring Us Your Women album, a project led by Catherine Capozzi.

Official release 2/27/15 at Oberon

The album release also coincides with a film anthology, with a short film by one of 13 filmmakers from around the world accompanying each of the 14 songs.

Sophia sings "Sirens" and "Mary Magdalene" (the story of the songs)
Michael sings "Eve" (the story of the song)

The whole album:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sophia and Michael create "For the love of Metamorphosis" - a short film for the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston program, "For the love of..." February 8, 2015

Created "For the love of..." with Boston Storytellers at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

February 8, 2015

Jade Sylvan, host; author of Kissing Oscar Wilde, poet, performer
Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, filmmakers
Wes Hazard, comedian, storyteller
Obehi Janice, writer, actress
Al Miner, assistant curator, Contemporary Art
Courtnee Nagim-Chase, MFA Teen Arts Council member, storyteller
Tony Woodcock, president, New England Conservatory

Love is in the air at the MFA this February. We gave Boston-area storytellers and curators this prompt: Tell a five-minute story that starts with “For the love of…” Hosted by poet, performer, and author Jade Sylvan, hear storytellers fill in the rest of the sentence, expounding upon visual arts, music, relationships, and love for one’s country in this fast-paced event. Experience the beauty, anguish, frustration, and humor that love can bring through the evocative art of storytelling.

Buy tickets:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Smart Space - working to establish permanent artist working spaces in Somerville!

One of our big goals right now is to establish a physical Launch Over film studio sometime in the next few years. We want to create a hub for independent filmmakers in Somerville and the greater Boston area to come together to share resources, ideas, and creative pursuits. Even with the availability of low-cost cameras, filmmaking is an expensive and resource-intensive endeavor. There is one intractable issue that plagues every production. Space! 

With Launch Over Studios, we aim to create a large, highly customizable space with moving walls, green screens, black and white backdrops, and preset lighting systems that can be made affordable and easily available for short-term rentals to independent filmmakers. We also hope to build a single-occupant recording booth for looping dialogue and doing other sound recording. We also want to establish an education and training center, offering workshops and classes on independent filmmaking. Finally, we also want to build a space that is configurable as a small movie theater for showing and critiquing work, and for holding private screening events.

So, as part of this effort, we've become involved with an extremely important Somerville project in the hopes that its success could make it feasible for our film-studio dream to come true.

I am on the board of the new non-profit initiative, Smart Space. Smart Space’s vision is to assist in providing and preserving work-only spaces for artists and makers in order to maintain Somerville's creative vitality, dense artist population, and unique character well into the future.

We are in the process of putting in a bid to acquire a building being sold by the City of Somerville for this purpose. It's an extremely critical time for preserving art in a place that has been made desirable by artists who are now unable to afford to stay.

You can DONATE money to our website NOW, any amount accepted! Please visit our website...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bring Us Your Women and Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling 2/27 Oberon

Show Program

Bring Us Your Women, an homage to historical, holy, and mythological women will present a live program of music, dance, and film premieres at ART’s Oberon Theater on Friday, February 27 with an international cast and crew of musicians, filmmakers, visual artists, dancers, and poets. Bring Us Your Women looks to share the untold, recontextualized, or reimagined stories of iconic women who have often been overlooked or defined only by their role in the context of men. By giving these women a voice, the project hopes to shed light on their importance in history, religion, and myth, and to empower women to recognize their essential role in shaping our modern world.

Bring Us Your Women is the brainchild of guitarist-composer Catherine Capozzi, best known as the force behind the rock instrumental ensemble Axemunkee. Capozzi says, “I want to tell the untold stories of iconic
historical, holy, and mythical women, with a focus on their strengths, sensuality, and wisdom. The essence of this work expresses the power of three - unity, tolerance, and hope.”

The icons represented in the show via song, dance, and film include: Joan of Arc, the Queen of Sheba, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Sirens, Arya Tara, Kālī, Delilah, Eve, Ishtar, and Isis. Each icon will be presented via a performance that includes a song by the live rock ensemble, a dance, and a film, each created specifically for the project. The show also serves as a release show for a complete studio recording of the song set (produced by Rafi Sofer) and a DVD of the film anthology.

For the music, Capozzi composed the songs over the past several years, collaborating with vocalists Mali Sastri (Jaggery), Johnny Blazes (Johnny Blazes and the Pretty Boys), Christine Zufferey (Mary Zoo, All the Queen’s Men, Ziaf), Sophia Cacciola (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling), and Michael J. Epstein (The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, The Motion Sick), and performing with members of her band Axemunkee (Tamora Gooding, Jason Adams, Yuri Zbitnoff) and additional musicians, Susannah Plaster, Rachel Barringer, Rachel Leah, Blumenthal, Jonah Sacks, Emilie Cavallo, and Marnie Hall.

The film anthology, produced by Capozzi with Sophia Cacciola and Michael J. Epstein, brings together an international group of twelve filmmakers from the US, France, Ukraine, and Netherlands including:

Céline Fernbach, Dan St. Germain, M. E. Steeman, Igor Chekachkov, Nicole Witte Solomon, Izzy Lee, Kristilyn - Zombie Romance, Anastasia Cazabon, Andrea Wolanin, Norah Solorzano, Sophia Cacciola, Catherine Capozzi, and Michael J. Epstein

The live show will also include dance performances and choreography by Jane Allard, Honey Pie, Allix Mortis, Porcelain Dalya, Mali Sastri, Jane Doe, Chien-Hwe Carol Hong, and Maggie Maraschino, and readings by Jade Sylvan, Kristen Schaer, Meghan Chiampa, and C.F. Cooper.

Teaser for the film portion:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sophia and Michael's 2014 in Review!

not a movie set

2014 had its ups and downs...

We managed to make a whole movie, Magnetic. We traveled with TEN at festivals and got distribution for it (will be out in April), and record some songs. We still produced a lot, but we also feel like we lost a lot of time this year. Having spent the previous few years in near constant pain from a herniated disc, Sophia finally had to have surgery for it when it got so bad that she couldn't walk or leave the house for 3 months. Happily, this is all behind her and she's working on keeping her back happy and strong.

Looking forward to 2015, we are excited to premiere Magnetic, for TEN to come out on VOD/DVD, and to start working on our next film.

In fun, non creative news, we also made it through our first year of having solar panels and managed to produce enough to more than cover the year of costs! As science/data fans, we present you our year of solar.


We had a busy year taking TEN to festivals: Brooklyn Girl and Boston Underground,  Fright Night (KY), Terror Con (RI - Porcelain Dalya won Best Actress in a Feature), Scare-A-Con (NY, nominated for Best Cinematography),  Imaginarium (KY -we won runner-up awards in three categories at Imaginarium: Best Director, Best Genre Film, and Best Screenplay), Sanford International (ME),
New Orleans Comix Expo, Fright Night Horror Weekend (KY). We attended all but the last two of these festivals and had a great time meeting other filmmakers, seeing independent films, and spreading TEN around! We just signed a distribution deal for TEN with BrinkVision and TEN has a release date! You'll be able to see it on most platforms on April 21st!

Some great press for TEN:

Fangoria, Curve, All Things Horror. And Lloyd Kaufman was hunted down in Australia!

find out more about the Poster! Illustration © 2014, Craig Maher
Magnetic was our biggest creative project of 2014. It's a feature-length sci-fi film. It took us about nine months to film (about 15 days of actual shooting), and it's just about finished! It has already been submitted to film festivals and we're waiting to see where we will premiere (probably early Spring). We're very excited about this film and can't wait to share it!

Starring the wonderful and talented Allix Mortis! Cinematography by our TEN collaborator Kelly Davidson!

On December 31st, at 11:58 PM UTC, Earth will have its atmosphere ripped away by a powerful coronal mass ejection. Everything we know will become nothing. Maybe it already has.

After failing in NYC, Alice grabs her mixtapes, returns to her desolate, rural hometown, and finds a job calling people to inform them that their children have died. It strikes her as a little unusual that the office is hundreds of feet underground in a former bunker under a sheep farm, but ennui has drained all of emotional response.

She has the sense that she’s being watched. Something about the cassette with the PLAY ME label isn't quite right.

She could never imagine how essential she is to the preservation of life on Earth.

Production blog, Kickstarter reward lipsyncs

Here is a very early teaser we made after only 4 days of shooting:


We started the year off with the premiere of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling's "Episode 15 - The Girl Who Was Death": by Boing Boing.

We also released an MJEML video for, "I'm the one who's dead..."

We also made some music videos for others this year.
"Knutsford" by Impulse Powers "If I Turn Into a Black Rose" by Anda Volley
and Sophia got to play in NSA agent in this video from Earth Heart!

Michael working on Ungovernable Force

 We also got opportunities to work on some friends' films. Michael spent a chunk of the Summer and Fall doing some camera and sound work on The Ungovernable Force.

Michael also did some post work on director Paul M. McAlarney's previous film, Honky Holocaust.

And continuuing into January, we've been doing sound on It's Not Funny Anymore, Mark Phinney's follow-up to FAT. It's about the darker side of comedy.

Michael and Sophia also spent some time working on upcoming films by Izzy Lee (Nihil Noctem), Porcelain Dalya, Andrea Wolanin, Connor McNamara, and a couple days doing sound on the upcoming feature District C-11.

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library participated in the 48 Hr Film Festival for the third time this year film) - about a dystopian singing game show. It's probably our best one yet. Soundtrack.

La Loca Boca!
MJEML also continued to do the Encyclopedia Show (which is coming back for Season 3 in September after taking a short break). One of our Encyclopedia Show songs ("Secret Animals" - from the show about the Zodiac) ended up on the Keep Safe Boston Benefit Compilation and our ES song about Serial Killers called I'm the One Who's Dead was included in a theatre production (INTERFERENCE) as a music video.

We played a couple of notable shows, including the annual Steve Katsos Show fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund, the Boston Book Festival (the Herald interviewed us about our favorite books), and Halloween at Aeronaut.

We also wrote songs for each of the TEDxSomerville speakers again this year!

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling had a relatively quiet year. We played on the Steve Katsos show in March and only played one rock show, supporting Endation's CD Release.

Our music video for The Girl Who Was Death officially came out in January on BoingBoing. That video made the Worcester Telegrams Best videos of 2014 list (along with our video for Anda Volley!)

We recorded a very old song that was included in the Keep Safe Benefit compilation called, "Making Friends". And we got to cover one of our favorite local artists, Hallelujah the Hills for the Boston does Boston benefit compilation. Our cover was on the Herald's Guestlisted list of 214 top songs of 2014 at #73!

Darling Pet Munkee played one show this year to celebrate Michael's birthday!

And we contributed a new song about the Mighty Tiny Record Player to the Bubbles in the Think Tank's annual 7" to celebrate Record Store Day.

Space Balloons on WERS

Space Balloons got to play on WERS once again!


Sophia joined a new band this year playing bass called Drab! They played a bunch of cool shows this year and released an EP! The Unicorn EP - we made a year-end top-5 list on All Access!

We were interviewed about our creative lives (birth to present) for the Color of Air podcast.
We contributed vocals to an Andy Santospago song!
We continued to DJ for On The Town with Mikey Dee on WMFO

We continuued to volunteer on the Steve Katsos Show and Sophia took over as Music Producer this year.

roasting Charles Dickens, photo: Jonathan Beckley

We roasted Charles Dickens with a triva game (Charles Dickens or Some Other Idiot) at the inaugural Literary Roast at Oberon.

Fat did very well at festivals (Sophia had a small role).

performing at Interference

We participated in Interference, a dynamic theatre experience directed by Steven Bogart and produced by Liars and Believers.

Uncut, a reality filmmaking pilot that we competed on in 2013 became available.

We hope you had a great year and we'll see you in 2015!!!

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